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Kat Brown (USA)

Kat Brown.jpeg

Dance, Performance and Visual Art​

Kat Brown is a multidisciplinary artist and writer. Her work integrates dance, performance and visual art. A concentrated but interdisciplinary focus on duration, dematerialization and subjectivity is present within her work. Informed by Authentic Movement and somatic practices her work approaches movement as a means to understand and embody alternative systems of logic. Through durational performance Kat also takes up the relationship between time and the body as a means of artistic inquiry. Kat Brown has presented work in New York City at Movement Research, CAVE, Chez Bushwick and Gallatin Galleries. She has presented at CounterPulse and Fort Mason center for the arts in San Francisco, CA. She has presented internationally at Lake Studios in Berlin. In addition, she has completed site-specific work in the Southern Utah Desert.

Maria Charalambous (CY)

Maria Charalambous.jpg

Dance Pedagogue, Dancer and Dance-Maker

Maria Charalambous, 1999, born in Cyprus, graduated from Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance (2020) and has choreographed and performed "I don't want to remember anymore" (2018), "Prisoners of our brains" (2018). She was part of pieces choreographed by Pedro Dias and Quim Bigas in 2019. Maria also performed as a dancer in the festival Junger Tanz and received a scholarship for Tanzwerkstatt Europa to work with Dominique Mercy, a former dancer from Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch and Inaki Azpillaga from Ultima Vez. Her current research project explores physical and theatrical expression of emotions with a focus on grieving processes. Through activating different psychosomatic states Maria investigates ways to move, particularly on the assumption of being a confessing introvert.

Malvina Lorida (GR)

Malvina Lorida.jpg

Movement and Performance Art

Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Malvina Lorida has been studying, performing and teaching about the Soma and its healing techniques in different countries in Europe and the US. She received her Bachelor Degree in Dance at Hunter College in New York City and got her MFA in Arts Leadership from Savannah College of Arts and Design. She realised the All Souls Festival - its mission is to make space for disability in the arts. Malvina became a certified acupuncture therapist and is an instructor in Yoga, Pilates, Simonson technique, Duncan technique and Progressing Ballet Technique. Aiming to connect people to their bodies and the environment, she seeks to activate the immense power of self-awareness. Malvina works with the earth and natural materials, as her current research focuses on the manifold dimensions of interconnectedness with our surroundings.

Janina Rohlik (GER)

Janina Rohlik.jpg

Movement & Dance Explorer

Janina Rohlik is exploring matters that make her move, think, dance, resist, write, protest, perform... She loves to share her practice with others in workshops or collective researches, as in her feminist performance/art collective donna’s gym. Janina’s work is informed by poetry, different dance improvisation techniques and dancing the night away. That is how she explores the body as a place of social negotiation of power, but also probes possible empowerments and resistances. Since 2009 Janina presented several performances with donna’s gym, most recently donnagrollen – ein Wutjahrmarkt (2019). She shared her solo work and researches at different occasions as at the Explosive Festival (Bremen 2019). Janina holds a diploma in Applied Cultural Sciences and has been an attendee in different programs for dance & performance. Janina strongly believes in the power of dance to transform power structures and hierarchies, which is part of her current research.

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