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Dance & Interactive Media

Spanish multidisciplinary artist working in performance, movement and video. She holds a BA in Visual Arts and Dance (University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid) and a MA in Theatre and Performing Arts (Complutense University, Madrid). As a dancer she worked for several companies in London while developing her research as a performance artist during residencies in Sweden (DOCH), Finland (ODH) or Germany (PReS) where she is currently doing a Postgraduate Residency Studios with the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E).​


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Conceptual Performance

Emily Barasch is a Brooklyn based, California raised, and New Orleans influenced choreographer, and performer. She received her BA in dance and sociology from Tulane University.  Emily has spent time learning, researching, and dancing in Israel, New Orleans, South Africa and Cuba. She has studied under Juliana May and Alexandra Beller. Her work has been presented at the American College Dance Association and the American Dance Festival’s student showcase, Green Space, Eden’s Expressway, BAX, Hatch Series, and WAXworks at Triskelion Arts. She currently is the Production Intern at Movement Research, running the lights at Movement Research at the Judson Church, and Open Performance at Eden’s Expressway. She can also be found babysitting for many dance mamas.



Participatory Practices

Cybile Beck is a Germany based psychologist and freelance counselor and trainer in the field of cultural and socio-political education. She has delved into dance at TIP (Freiburg), Seneca Intensiv (Berlin) and SOZO vim (Kassel) and has accomplished further vocational training on dance and creative movement education (Seneca Intensiv).




Barbara England is a dance and performance artist from Canada. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology, she joined Project 404, an independent dance company under the direction of Jill Henis. Based in Calgary, the company created original full-length works that were performed in theatre and site-specific venues. Barbara is interested in finding new motives for her movement practice and seeks to channel her diverse backgrounds into collaborative processes. She is drawn to artistic media that allows her to guide the viewer’s eye from watcher to experiencer, and is informed by principles of staging and phenomenology to interrogate performer-audience relationships. PReS has given Barbara the opportunity to experiment with new modes of performance while simultaneously challenging her movement belief systems.



Live Art & Performance

Salla Talvikki is a dancer, performance artist and linguist born and raised in Finland. After receiving her BA in French Philology and an MA in Finnish Language at the University of Helsinki, Salla moved to Germany to study contemporary dance and completed a 3-year professional contemporary dance studies program at SOZO vim. Appreciative of her background both in linguistics and movement, Salla is constantly looking for ways to merge the two together in her work. In her work, practice and life, Salla is fascinated by questioning and exploring her limits, practicing awareness and choice-making, and minimalist aesthetics.

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