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This autumn, PREStival makes its inaugural debut as the smallest contemporary performance festival on the planet. For two days only, the Artistic Residents of PReS (Postgraduate Residency Studios) invite audiences near and far to share the culmination of their year-long research in performance practice. This is a celebration of the ephemerality of embodied art, action and interaction, performance and installation. It is an opportunity to witness, share, and discover new approaches to performance-making from a group of female Artists with wideranging backgrounds.


PReStival is created to give artists a platform for new material and experimentation in a performance setting. It will be inquisitive, sensitive, risky, radical, awkward, and new. Presented in the Halle 2, audiences get an inside view on the rigours of performance practice, from the inception of an idea to the dissemination of a work. Explore the space, engage in conversation, and celebrate the final chapter of PReS’s first year!

Ongoing Performance Installation

Sibylle Beck (DE)

An ongoing installation. More information to come soon

Ongoing Performance Installation

Barbara England (CA)

“…at its root, intimacy has the quality of eloquence and brevity” (Lauren Berlant)

This is a love story. This is your story; disentangled, dissected, and bare. Together we will sift through fragments of our memories in search for fleeting moments of intimacy. 

l.o.v.e. deconstructed explores the complex transition from personal to collective memory, using the experience of intimacy as the source of recollection. This is the aftermath of a series of translations, each decoded by a different body. You will witness the final distillation of a memory, experienced anew, in real time. 


Emily Barasch (US)

When Charcot hypnotized us for his lectures, did he know we were just performing choreography to a room full of masturbatory white men ? 

Did Irigaray and Cixous know we were coming to destroy the gender binary regime?


Hysteria is fleeting. We cannot live in Hysteria, but  we can almost touch it. 
This is a utopia of heightened expressivity, where desire is of the highest value.  
Hysterical Realness takes the audience on a trip, exploring a fragmented history and dreaming our utopian futures.